Liability Coverage

What is General Liability? Provides coverage for the insured for third party property damage or bodily injury due to insured’s negligence. Typically two parts to this coverage, premises operations and products and completed operations.

Does General Liability provide warranty coverage? No. Coverage is not available for poor workmanship. General liability does not cover the work you did it only covers the damage the work caused.

Does General Liability cover non-owned property in my care, custody, or control damaged due to my negligence? No. Coverage is not provided for non-owned property in your care custody of control.

What covers non-owned property in my care, custody or control? This is known as Bailee’s coverage and is covered under two marine forms. Marine Operators Legal Liability for marinas, yacht clubs, boat repair or service operations. The other form is Ship Repairers Legal Liability which is typically written on heavier commercial risks.

What is broker’s legal liability? Covers non-owned vessels held by insured for sale, damaged due to insureds negligence.

What is Protection and Indemnity? As it relates to commercial risks, this covers third party property damage or bodily injury due to incidental operation of a vessel in the course of insureds business. As example insured repairs a vessel, during testing hits another vessel and or causes bodily injury.

Can I purchase coverage for Regattas by our yacht club? Yes. This coverage is available by endorsement and or automatically covered by some carriers.

What is the difference between a bumbershoot and umbrella? A bumbershoot is a marine umbrella which covers over automobile liability, general liability, employers liability, marine operators legal liability or ship repairers legal liability and protection and indemnity. A straight umbrella only provides additional coverage on the general liability, auto liability and the employer’s liability.

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