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  • One-stop service: no separate departments for billing or claims
  • We have unique expertise in the marine insurance field
  • No automated phone service
  • Multiple payment plans
  • Scheduled reviews of your insurance plan and coverage to keep you up to date
  • Multiple underwriters to choose from
  • E-mail accessible
  • Rapid claims reporting to carriers

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Boat Manufacturer and Boat Builder Insurance

Marine Insurance House provides boat manufacturers and builders complete property, liability and employee coverage.

We are experts in our industry and take a personal approach to your business needs. Our experience, comprehensive knowledge of a great variety of vessels and an insurance background give us the unique ability to relate to your business needs.

Coverage Made Specifically for Boat Builders

Property Coverage Available

  • Real Property / Buildings

  • Business Personal Property, Ships & Boats

  • Inventory

  • Crime Coverage

  • Business Interruption

  • Exhibition and Boat Show Coverage

  • Builders Risk / Boats Under Construction

  • Mobile Equipment / Lifts

  • Docks and Piers

  • Wind, Hail and Flood

Liability Coverage Available

  • General Liability

  • Marina Operators Legal Liability

  • Commercial Automobile Coverage

  • Ship Repairers Legal Liability

  • Pollution Coverage

  • Protection and Indemnity and Hull coverage

  • Commercial Automobile Coverage

  • Umbrella and Bumbershoot

  • Directors and Officers

Employer Coverage Available

  • Workers Compensation

  • United States Longshore and Harbor Workers

  • Act Jones Act