Dock & Pier Insurance

What items are typically covered? Docks, pilings, gangways, electrical and utility hookups, bulkheads if scheduled, dock boxes, power pedestals.

How are coverage limits determined? Preference by the insurance companies is a valuation survey done by an approved company.

Are docks insured on a blanket basis or scheduled by dock? This depends on the company and coverage form.

How do carriers pay the claims? Property can be covered on either an actual cash value basis that is replacement cost less depreciation or replacement cost basis or agreed value.

Is there a coinsurance penalty for underinsuring docks? Yes. Most form’s coinsurance requirements typically are set at 80% or 90% to value.

Is debris removal covered? Yes. Some companies give an additional limit of coverage for this.

Can I get sudden and accidental pollution coverage? Yes. Most companies will offer this.

What is “wind wave wash?” This is damage due to wind driven waves typically associated with hurricanes or other storms. Typically, this is covered under most policies covering docks.

Is flood covered? Again this is typically a covered exposure as well as is collapse due to weight of ice, snow or sleet.

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