Marine Contractor Insurance

Marine Contractor Insurance

Marine Contractor: The definition of a marine contractor as respects our expertise and interest would be an entity which repairs and or services vessel’s, or which builds and or repairs facilities which may service these vessels, either of a recreational marine and or commercial marine nature. This encompasses a broad range of marine insurance coverage and marine insured’s. Marine Insurance house tailors coverage for two distinct groups of marine contractors, Marine Artisan Contractors and Commercial Marine Contractors.

Artisan Marine Contractor Insurance



Artisan Marine Contractor Insurance would be for a contractor which specializes in the repair or installation of electrical, HVAC systems, electronics, detailing and other similar repairs to recreational or light commercial vessels.  Marine Insurance House provides a broad range of coverage tailored to meet the needs of this unique specialty contractor.  Coverage and policies are designed for those insured’s with receipts less than $500,000.00 annually and which perform lighter repair work.




Commercial Marine Contractor Insurance would be for a contractor which specializes in areas of heavier repair to vessels either recreational or commercial in nature. Also included within this definition would be what I refer to as shore side marine contractors, that is marine contractors which are involved in the construction of fixed shore side structures and or dredging which are to benefit maritime trade either recreationally or commercial in nature.

An example of a heavier marine exposure would be diesel or transmission repair of engines.  This contractor typically has a fixed location which may also include offsite repair.  They would be working on light commercial to heavy commercial vessels. Light commercial vessels might include charter boats with heavier vessels including but not limited to ferries, trawlers, cargo and passenger vessels, operations might include engine repair, various boat system repairs as well as hull repair.

An example of a shore side marine contractor is one involved in operations ranging from the construction of marinas, docks, piers and wharves to bulkheads, jetties and dredging operations over the water.

Marine Insurance House provides coverage for both of the above mentioned groups of commercial marine contractors. Coverage’s are more tailored to the requirements of these contractors as they have a much greater exposure to loss.