Marine Insurance House Owner, Charles SkinnerOur story is very simple, a love of the water and those businesses and clients involved in activities adjacent to or on the water, whether coastal or inland and a love for marine insurance. Actively involved in working with clients engaged in boat building, both custom and production, marina operations, yacht clubs, boat repair facilities, boat dealers, marine artisan contractors and marine contractors it has been our pleasure to meet and work with individuals which have the same love of the open water as we do. Over the years our office has been able to assemble a wide array of the top marine insurance carriers which specialize in marine insurance to assist our clients with their commercial needs. From property, liability, ship repairers legal liability, marine operators legal liability, builders risk, docks and piers, scheduled vessels, mobile equipment to Workers Compensation coverage, including federal statutory coverage’s such USL & H and Jones Act Coverage we provide our clients a full range of coverage and expertise to assist in placing their marine insurance. We also have a full range of companies to handle a broad array of marine insurance coverage for individual commercial and pleasure vessels both hull and liability coverage.

You will find a dedicated staff which believes in providing you our client with the best coverage at a reasonable cost and the best service. A division of the Wade S. Dunbar Agency, Marine Insurance House was begun with one goal in mind, offering our clients what they deliver to their customers every day, personal service on an extraordinary level. Charles Skinner, Executive Vice President who heads up the marine insurance division holds the Certified Insurance Counselors (CIC) designation and has just received the designation conferred by LIG Marine Underwriters as a Certified Marine Insurance Professional (CMIP), he has been actively involved in the Insurance Industry for over 30 years. Prior to this he worked for San Juan Yacht’s located in New Bern, NC. He is an avid boater enjoying both power and sail. Kim Mason who has been with the agency since 2007 works in tandem with Charles to assure our clients quality service and support on all their insurance needs.

When you call you will not be transferred to another department or an unknown party for claims or billing but rather the folks which you worked with when your account was first written. As with many things in life we find that quality is not necessarily measured by staff size but rather to a dedication to the job at hand and a love of what we do. We hope you will take a few minutes to review our web site and will find use full as a resource. We will be continuing to add valued information and updates in the future and hope you will allow us the opportunity to be of assistance to your business.